The Actioneurs

The Actioneurs is a content series about how very normal people end up doing very cool things.

The series explores how exciting side projects have come to life, with a key focus on practical steps and secret ingredients that actually made it happen. Our aim is to make things simple and actionable, so that maybe you'll feel excited to start something too.


Our philosophy



Side projects are a transformative part of life.

They tease your imagination, test your dedication and forge relationships. We think everyone should live with one.


Everybody has cool ideas. All they need is a chance to fly.

Ideas come and go. Some are weird and wonderful, some are simple and bright. But sadly, they tend to go away if nothing is done about them.


Action is what turns nice ideas into proud achievements.

The most difficult part is often to set a little time aside and take one small step at a time. But there's a growing sense of reward that gets more and more addictive.


We aim to get more people from thinking to doing by showing them ways to make their ideas go live.


2018 can be the year you become an Actioneur.
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